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Old 2021 Video of Nigerian Customs Officer Giving Rice to Bandits Recirculates Under Tinubu’s Regime.

On March 19th, 2024, @masuzafi, an X (formerly Twitter) account, posted a video in which an official from the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) described how they gave bags of rice to bandits to save their lives.
In the video, a customs officer was seen telling the media about his ordeal. He said that during an operation, they found 37 bags of rice that had been stolen from smugglers. However, after being ambushed by a group of bandits, they were detained and forced to give up 7 bags of the rice that had been found before they could be released.
According to the X user @masuzafi, who implied the video was recently made during the current administration of President Tinubu, banditry has become more frequent in Nigeria, with customs officers paying ransom to bandits before performing their duties. “Bandits are now official, As officers of the Nigerian customs offer seized bags of rice for amnesty This is typically Tinubu’s Nigeria”, the post said.

Insecurity remains a major challenge for Nigerians, as bandits and insurgents continue to attack certain parts of the country. The insecurity in the country has further escalated to rampant killings and kidnappings for ransom.
As of the time of this report, the post had generated 8,088 views with 234 retweets and 182 likes.
iVerify Nigeria was prompted to fact-check the claim for its accuracy especially because of its sensitivity to national security at a time there’s a clamour to declare bandits as terrorists.


Bags of rice paid as ransom during Tinubu Regime

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iVerify Nigeria conducted a thorough keyword search, and after various sources, the team was able to locate the original video, which was first broadcast on March 9th, 2021 by Channels on YouTube. Captioned with “We Gave Seven Bags Of Seized Rice To Bandits To Save Our Live Customs Official”

In the video, the Nigerian Customs Officer, Aliyu Mohammed. The Coordinator, Sector 4 Command was giving a speech to the media concerning the things that were seized which consisted of 1021 bags of parboiled rice, 28,830 gallons of PMS, and many more. The claim was cut out of the entire video clip where he made a statement concerning the challenges they were facing as those they are working to save are not supporting them.
After a clear search into the claim the iVerify team concluded that the claim by the X (formerly Twitter) in MISLEADING