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No, Video of Unclad Women Not from Protest in Lagos

A video trending on social media shows some women protesting economic hardship and the rising cost of living appearing unclad purportedly from a protest in Lagos.

In an X (formerly Twitter) post made by user ‘Ejikeme’, with handle @ejykmyke1 on the 17th of February and retrieved on the 28th of February with a caption that reads: ‘Lagos Women protesting Naked, placing curse on Tinubu over hardship of the Nation’.

Attached to the text is a 30-second video clip with a song playing in Yoruba language and translated thus:

“We’re suffering. Garri is expensive, we’re fed up. Rice is expensive, we’re fed up. Petrol is expensive, we’re fed up. Kerosene is expensive, we’re fed up. Gas is expensive, we’re tired. Pure water is expensive, we’re fed up. Pepper, Sugar, Palm oil, Cement, Diesel, even eggs are now expensive, we’re fed up.”

At the time of this report, the post by X user Ejikeme has attracted over 760,000 views, 414 likes, 300 reposts, 137 quotes, and 97 bookmarks.

The video shows a group of people standing behind a flex banner. While the entire content on the banner cannot be fully captured, an inscription that reads, ‘Cultists are killing our people’ stands out. Standing in front of the banner are women numbering about 8 and unclothed but could be seen chanting and singing.

This is coming after protests against hardship broke out in various states across the country, including Lagos. On the 10th of February, market women in the Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos staged a protest against the rising cost of living in the country.

During the protest, the women bore placards bearing inscriptions like ‘Tinubu, Nigerians are hungry’, ‘Tinubu come and rescue us’, TheCable reported.

In light of recent events in the nation, iVerify put the video through a verification process to verify the protest’s location and time to determine whether it was part of the most recent protests against the nation’s economic hardship especially in Lagos.


Video shows unclad women protesting economic hardship in Lagos

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iVerify Nigeria checked this claim and found it to be MISLEADING.

Checks by iVerify Nigeria show that the video in circulation is from a protest against cult killings that took place in Anambra State.

The viral video was divided into keyframes using inVID- a video verification tool, and each of the keyframes was subjected to image verification using the Google Reverse Image Search image verification tool.

This process led us to discover that the video was first uploaded on the internet on the 23rd of November 2023 when an X handle @nononsensezone posted it on X with a caption that reads, ‘Igbo women go Naked on the street of Awka today to protest cult killing in their region. Igbo men were spotted enjoying the scene too as they came in solidarity in views and ideas Awka ANAMBRA’, with the user adding two other videos of the same women in a procession on a road along with other protesters.

Through a keyword internet search, further findings by iVerify Nigeria revealed that on Wednesday 22nd of November 2023, some indigenes of Awka, Anambra State capital, on Wednesday, protested against what they described as “mindless killings of kiths and kins by cultists,” even as they accused some police officers in the state of allegedly aiding and abetting cultists and cult-related, according to PUNCH Newspapers.

PUNCH reported that the Chairman, Ezinano community in Awka, Anambra, Tochukwu Nwokoye, said they embarked on a peaceful protest to bring to an end the activities of cultists in Awka.

Nwokoye said, “It is our humble hope to have these cult-related killings stop forthwith. Our brothers are going down daily due to cultism and cult-related attacks. We will not keep quiet and watch these heinous crimes and man’s inhumanity to man continue.’

The claim that the video in circulation showing unclad protesting women is from a Lagos State protest is misleading, as checks by iVerify Nigeria show that it is a video from the Ezinano community, Awka Anambra state from a protest against cultist killings that was held on the 22nd of November 2023.