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No, Sky News Didn’t Report 40 million Young Christians Died in Kaduna State During El-Rufai’s Tenure as Governor.

On March 11th, Seun Okinbaloye and Bello El-Rufai, a Kaduna lawmaker and the son of the state’s former governor, Nasir El Rufai, spoke on the “Mic on Podcast” program, stating that his father and the former governor of Lagos state, Babajide performed better than Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra state as governors.
In response to the statement, a TikTok handle, @Justicecrack posted a video that went viral and stated that Sky News had once reported that almost 40 million young Christians were killed in Kaduna during El-Rufai’s time as Governor.
Quoting the post, the handle said: “Among the 36 states in Nigeria, I do not think any state is as insecure as Kaduna state was during El-Rufai’s tenure as governor. “Now, this guy said that Peter Obi is not to be compared with El-Rufai which (sic) is his father. Is Anambra as insecure as Kaduna was during his father’s tenure?
“Sky News have (sic) it that almost 40 million young Christians were killed in Kaduna during El-Rufai’s time as Governor.”
The video also included a visual representation of the Sky News report to support its claims.

However, the referenced Sky News report indicates otherwise. The claim also raises the question of how many people live in Kaduna State, given that an estimated 40 million young Christians are said to have died there. Such a sensitive post could trigger violence and religious war in society.
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Sky News reported that 40 million Youth were Killed in Kaduna during the time of El-Rufai as Governor.

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iVerify Nigeria, via keyword search, obtained the Sky News African reportage referenced in the video. The headline of the news stated that “Nigeria’s S/Kaduna killing, over 40 million Christian youths might take up arms.”
The president of the Congress of Northern Nigerian Christians (CNNC), Engr. Daniel Kadazai made this statement during a global press conference.
He stressed that if the federal government does not do more than pay lip service to the needless killings that have been taking place in predominantly Christian areas of Northern Nigeria and the nation as a whole, then over 40 million Christian youth in the region could be mobilized to take up arms to defend themselves. unlike what was said in the claim that Sky News reported that 40 million youth were killed in Kaduna during the time of El-Rufai as governor.
Furthermore, according to data from the Kaduna state government website, the state’s population as of 2020 was 9.48 million. This means that 40 million young Christians couldn’t have died in Kaduna State between 2015 and 2023, under Governor Nasir El-Rufai. Consequently, the claim is False.