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N967 Million, Not N967 Billion Approved for Kebbi Tertiary Institutions Students

On the 22nd of March, Engr. Shaibu, with X (formerly Twitter) handle @MO_Shaibu_, made a post claiming that the governor of Kebbi State, Mr. Nasir Idris, budgeted a whopping sum of N967.6 billion for 20,908 students to cover their examination registration fee.

The claim reads:

“Kebbi governor approved a whopping N967.6 billion to cover registration fees for just 20,908 Kebbi Students.”

“Equivalent to approximately N46m per student:

“As in N46,000,000 per student😳

“What kind of schools are these Kebbi students attending in Nigeria🤷‍♂”

Kebbi is one of the northwestern states in Nigeria. It has a population of approximately 3.7 million people and is known for its rich agricultural potential, particularly in rice cultivation.

It is neither unclear what type of examination being referred to in the claim, nor the level of the supposed students mentioned, however, some news outlets reported that the Kebbi State Governor, Nasir Idris, has approved over N967 million for the payment of registration fees for indigenous students studying in tertiary institutions across Nigeria.

This prompted the necessity by iVerify Nigeria to subject the claim to a verification procedure to determine its veracity.

The post has been viewed by over 150,800 individuals and has garnered 941 likes, 723 quotes, 264 comments, and 23 bookmarks.


The Kebbi State Governor spent N46,000,000 per student to cover the examination registration fee for 20,908 Kebbi students, amounting to N967.6 billion.

Rating Justification

The verification exercise revealed several gaps which pointed the claim to be untrue. iVerify Nigeria found the 2024 Kebbi state-approved budget document by using a keyword search. It showed that the government presented a budget proposal of N250.1 billion for the 2024 fiscal year to the State House of Assembly.

And the entire amount approved for year 2024 expenses was N250,134,091,757.01. The Ministry of Higher Education had a vote of N629,250,000.00, while the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education had a vote of N5,447,985,000.00.

According to the research, the N250.1 billion overall budget is significantly a far cry from the N967.6 billion allegedly approved for the payment of approximately 20,908 students’ examination fees. This glaringly disproves the claim, because if the Kebbi State budget for 2024 is N250 billion, where will the state government get N967 billion to finance payment of examination or registration fees?

However, in a statement made by the Commissioner for Higher Education, Isah Abdullahi-Tunga during a press conference in Birnin Kebbi, he stated that the Kebbi State Governor, Nasir Idris, has approved over N967 million for the payment of registration fees for indigenous students studying in tertiary institutions across Nigeria.

“In view of the above and in line with His Excellency’s vision and mission of transforming higher education in the state, and his determination to ensure that the youths benefit in the agenda of the current political dispensation by sponsoring students within and outside the country for the educational development of the state, His Excellency has, therefore, graciously approved the sum of N967,685,854 million being fees for the 20,908 students for the year 2022/2023 academic session,” said Abdullahi-Tunga.

It becomes evident that the claim was misleading; N967 million, not the N967 billion claimed, was approved for 20,908 Kebbi State students enrolled in tertiary institutions across the nation and abroad.
The research conducted by iVerify Nigeria indicates that the N967 billion figure provided by the claimant is not in line with the actual amount of N967 million approved in the budget for Kebbi State for the 2024 fiscal year. Consequently, the claim is misleading.